Basket screen
basket screen..
Beeswax jar
a Glass jar filled with local beeswax mixed with paraffin oil for treating the Tinymight oak body...
Connection Adapter 18mm
Our new addition is a connection adapter which works with the original cooling unit of the Tinymight..
connection adapter for the Tinymight
Adapter to connect the Tinymight with other devices that follow industry standards. It works with 10..
Cooling unit
Cooling unit for Tinymight. Made of stainless steel. ..
Dosing Capsule
one dosing capsule for the Tinymight. ..
extra long stem
glass lining on top of heater - spare part
Sometimes people have had this particular piece broken on their units for different reasons. It can ..
Glass tube 55mm
Shorter glass tube for Tinymight. It gets hotter in use but is more compact. Made of high quality qu..
Glass tube 80mm
 Standard longer glass tube for Tinymight. made of high quality quartz glass...
Micro USB cable only
High quality 1.5 metre cable ..
O-ring for the tube holder
o-ring that holds the glass tube. red silicone o-ring..
O-ring pack
 There are two different sizes for ideal fit 6 + 6 pcs. and 2 pcs. mesh screen for the cooling ..
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